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Let me start out by saying I really hope this little Glimpse into Rick’s Internet Café on the other side of the world has brightened more than a few of your long hard  days trapped in the office in some God forsaken place with dreams of an Ice Cold San Miguel or a Tall Cool ESQ. refreshment and of course a beautiful young women with which to share them with dominating your thoughts.

Since I do have a steady Mahal here I wont Discuss any other attributes - and perhaps the greatest attractions in this land of little brown lovelies, However Be Fore warned, that once you have visited you will never be the same person again!

This place has a way of changing you entire outlook on the female gender of the so-called civilized word, I.E. large butts, high expectations, careers before her man and family, and of course just who should please whom.

Once visited most are drawn back again and again like and addiction worse than any narcotic.

However this place is not for everyone, and for some reason there are still those people out there that can find fault in just about anything – as noted on some of the local subject internet web boards regarding this place.

The glass is either half full or it is half empty.

But my "thoughts" on this whole subject are.

"For the gentlemen and possibly "ladies" that are out there, lonely and  longing for some companionship, an inexpensive refreshment and the memories of a life time "

And we all know there are at least a few million of us around the world! There may be no better place to be.

What do you have to lose? is over way to soon, so take a chance - you might just find what you have been looking for.

"Most of us  here are a kind of adventurers. If not, go home or "hide" yourself in a double  walled hotel/motel, co'z after all this is RP with all it's beauty and ..  dangers.   RP is not the right place for "crybabe's", it never was and never will be." 


We at Rick's Cafe understand just how difficult it is to be away from your loved one (+One's) for most of the year, and  how we all count the days till we can hold that special Honey Ko in your arms again.

So we try to make a special effort to help you let them know that they are in your thoughts or on your mind.

A simple Birthday cake on that special day or a small email gift certificate, teddy bear or nighty basket for them goes a very long way in this country of theirs.

I have seen many a sad and discouraged face light up like they just won the lottery!, all from a simple gift and the knowledge that someone far away is thinking of them. 

We offer a number of very inexpensive gifts for your lady friends - so the next time you just can't seem to get her off your mind, Let her know about it with a little something to brighten her day, believe me she will not forget it.

 We also do a lot of deliveries in town, to include Bars, Homes and Places of Business to your HONEY KO’s with such things as fruit baskets, Pizza parties, Chicken parties, and much more that you can purchase on line with a credit card from home.

Our ordering is through a secure company in California.

We never see your credit card number.


Within 1 to 24 hours we get an email that you have ordered an item with a transaction number on it.

Once it is processed usually the same day we will deliver it, and of course we always try to send you a e-mail Picture of the happy event so you can see for yourself just how much you have brightened her day.

If you don't see what your looking for, ask us and we will do our best to find it for you!




Hotel Reservations

Gifts From the Heart

All your Travel and Transportation Needs

The Latest in PI Videos and CD's

Send Cash Direct-Cheapest in Town!

Humor Section

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A Special thanks to Mr. Rick Frye for allowing me a bit of Creative Freedom - HR

Send your comments good or bad to