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This page updated on Sep 30th, 2014.

I have decided to close down the gift delivery business but I want to pass on a big thanks to all of our customers from over the years.

I will leave the web site up for a few weeks in case there is anyone who would like to copy any of the items that are shown. We also have some of the items for sale in bulk numbers if you would like to purchase for a local transaction. Items not sold over the next few weeks will end up in a yard sale.

If you are interested in opening a gift delivery business in Angeles I would be happy to provide you with information after you have accomplished or put some thought into the following steps:
1. Open a credit processing account (I would recommend paypal as probably being the easiest) 
2.Get your website set up (at least an outline of it).
3. You will need at least one employee to deliver items unless you are going to do it yourself and many of the delivery neighborhoods are not friendly.
4. You will need a minimum of $7,000 to $8,000 for stocks and roll over money as most credit processors will pay you once a month. The more business you do, the more money you will have tied up of course.
5. Be prepared for a couple of fraudulent sales per year that you will lose the money on.
6. I used to work 4am until about noon, 6 days a week, as that is when you can contact your overseas customers with questions for that delivery they "want today". Figure out a schedule that works for you.
7. You will need a delivery vehicle as trikes will eat up your profits.

Email me if you are serious:

I have tried to avoid this rule but over the last few days we have had several orders that were about $10 in total each. For example delivering a Ham that costs $9.99 retail to Magalang offers little chance for us to make any profit with the price we pay for the product and then gas and wages.

Minimum Purchase of $18.99 required for free delivery in the greater Angeles City area.

Need help? Contact me on yahoo messenger from about 5am local until noon.

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*Free Delivery in Greater Angeles City Area of orders $18.99 or more (Monday thru Saturday 8am to 4pm. Orders received before 12 noon can be delivered the same day in Angeles, orders after 12 noon are delivered the next day. Air21 Shipping Costs Country Wide just doubled (July 12th, 2012) and are now $18.99 for a box up to 5 kilos, with 2 to 3 day deliveries to other locations. We charge $8.99 for (any orders under $18.99), or night or Sunday deliveries in Angeles to cover overtime pay, unless it is a holiday.   Click here for a map of the free location area. 

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