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We are temporarily closed for personal health reasons.
We will reopen for deliveries as soon as possible.
I have tried to avoid this rule but over the last few days we have had several orders that were about $10 in total each. For example delivering a Ham that costs $9.99 retail to Magalang offers little chance for us to make any profit with the price we pay for the product and then gas and wages. Minimum Purchase of $18.99 required for free delivery in the greater Angeles City area.
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*Free Delivery in Greater Angeles City Area of orders $18.99 or more (Monday thru Saturday 8am to 4pm. Orders received before 12 noon can be delivered the same day in Angeles, orders after 12 noon are delivered the next day. Air21 Shipping Costs Country Wide just doubled (July 12th, 2012) and are now $18.99 for a box up to 5 kilos, with 2 to 3 day deliveries to other locations. We charge $8.99 for (any orders under $18.99), or night or Sunday deliveries in Angeles to cover overtime pay, unless it is a holiday.   Click here for a map of the free location area. 

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How ordering works:

Want to buy your gal a phone?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Y   (android, shown above) phone a couple of months ago and it has really changed the way I can communicate. With the wifi feature and ability to connect to the internet, along with text I can check email anywhere, facebook, yahoo messenger, (SM, while at school, etc) and it unties me from sitting at the computer. With our credit processor  we are not allowed to sell cell phones, (due to the high fraud rate of sales) but if you would like to buy a phone for someone here you can send me a Western Union payment. The phone above will cost you $155.00 Email me what phone you would like a price on.

Want something for free?
Years ago we produced a book titled; "The Beast of Balibago".  It is a fictional murder mystery set in the Barangay of Balibago, the home of Fields Ave. We have converted it to a PDF file which is 888k we will email you on request. It might just make you forget about the boredom while traveling or provide you a quiet evening sitting by the fireplace. Email me at: and I will send you a copy.

Review from Amazon Books
This review is from: Beast Of Balibago (Paperback)
Excellent piece of work with great descriptions of Balibago, Angeles, the customs of the Philippines and not far from the truth in some cases. A very nicely woven story with many of the places and people covered by the thin veil of a fiction book. After living here in the city of Angeles and running a business for 6 years after 20 years in the army the book was a summary of some of the strange stuff that happens in a strange land, far, far away. This ain't Kansas Toto.